Thursday, November 24, 2011

without words- park shin hye


i shouldn't have done that
i should have pretended not to know
like i didn't see it
like i couldn't see it
i shouldn't have looked at you in the first place.

i should have run away
i should have pretended i wasn't listening
like i didn't hear it
like i couldn't hear it
i shouldn't have heard you love in the first place.

without a word, you made me know what love it
without a word, you gave me your love
made me fill myself with your every breath
then you ran away

without a word, love leaves me
without a word, love abandons me
wondering what to say next
my lips were surprised
it came without a word

why does it hurt so much
why does it hurt continuously
except for the fact that i can't see you anymore
& that you're not here anymore
otherwise, it'll be just the same like before.

without a words, tears starts falling down
without a words my heart is broken.

without a words, i waited for love
without a words, love hurts me
i've become transparent
i've become a fool
& i cry just by looking at the sky

without a words, separation finds me
without a words, the end comes to me
i took my heart by surprised
to send you away unexpectedly
i came without a words

without a words, love appears
without a words, love vanishes
like a fever, i've had
maybe all i have to do is hurt for a while
because in the end, the only one thing that remains are scars.

suke sangat lagu nie... translation dr korean song.. :)
pada sesiape yg baru putus cinte ke, kecewe ke,
sesuai la dengar lagu nie.. hehe